De invloed van het binnenklimaat op het gedrag van mensen met dementie


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Opdrachtgever: Santé Partners

There are currently about 6 million people with dementia in the European Union. This vulnerable group is sensitive to indoor environmental conditions, which can induce problematic behaviour that also forms a burden for caregivers day and night.

Moreover, an uncomfortable living environment may worsen the symptom of dementia.

This research is aim to explore the indoor environmental quality (IEQ) which suitable for dementia living in care homes, to optimise their living environment, and to provide design guidelines. A mixed-methods approach fusing quantitative and qualitative methods towards

understanding the impacts of IEQ in the care home (Elisabeth-Hof) will be investigated. The research will involve: (1) Data analysis of the sensor data (quantitative) from the care home; (2) Identifying the basic standards of the IEQ for older people with dementia and potential problem behaviours; (3) Qualitative data collection and analysis of older people with dementia living in the care home; (4) Matching residents’ requirements to architectural design and smart technology solutions. Based on analysing the environmental data monitoring in the care home and the investigation of the guardian of residents and care providers, this research will develop an integrated approach to improve the residents’ living quality in care homes.


Masi Mohammadi

Chuan Ma

Olivia Guerra Santin


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